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The Project Idea

After a successful pilot project in 2007 the intercultural project "NRW / Israel - My view... Your view?" is continued. The aim of the project "NRW / Israel - My view... Your view?" remains to offer young people from Israel and NRW the opportunity to present themselves and their lives and to receive an impression of the lives of their peers from the other country in return. In this way, the participants not only learn about their commonalities and differences but also find out about the other country. In addition to the intercultural aspect, the production of short media contributions also enhances the media competence of the young participants.

Three modules represent the current project phase:
The first is the continuation of the virtual dialogue with the help of one-minute-films, podcasts and/or pictures in which the participating school classes and youth groups can take an aspect of their lifes and present it to peers of the respective other country. Those can decide whether they want to answer by presenting the chosen aspect from their perspective or whether they take up a new perspective. Here you find examples from the pilot project.

Furthermore interested schools and other youth groups which currently prepare or have already realised visits in NRW / Israel are invited to present their planning and/or documentation within the project website www.beiuns-beieuch.de/israel.

The results of those two modules of the virtual dialogue will be published on the project website and should encourage other schools and groups to get in contact with an other country and to get involved in a virtual and/or real exchange.

In the framework of the third module, eight young people age 15 to 19 - accompanied by two qualified tutors - will travel to Israel for one week to produce a film in collaboration with Israeli participants of the same age and under guidance of the Rutenberg Institute's media centre. The film shall focus on one or various aspects of Israeli-German exchange. The actual thematic realisation though is determined by the young participants themselves. The film will be supplemented by the documentation of the preliminary and the postprocessing work such as a virtual film diary and short interviews. The results will be published in 2009 on DVD which will be published and distributed to interested institutions, schools and youth facilities. 

"NRW/ Israel - My view... your view?" is organised by on behalf of the State Chancellery NRW. On the Israeli side, the project is co-ordinated by the P. Rutenberg Institute for Youth Education.

The Virtual Exchange

By using new media (cameras, computers, Internet), kids, teenagers and young adults from schools and educational institutions both in Israel and NRW have the opportunity to create contributions about everyday occurrences, current issues and traditions.

The contributions themed "My view..." can be realized as e.g. films, pod casts or blogs that end with the question "... your view?". In order to promote the exchange, the project office finds either an institution from the other country or supports already existing co-operations in realising their virtual dialogues.

All jointly compiled virtual dialogues are presented on the project website which is rounded off by interesting and informative links regarding Israel and NRW.

The young participants are supported by a project office both in Israel as well as in NRW. Furthermore, a network of institutions is comprised that provided the young target group with technical, linguistic and cultural assistance.

Who can participate?

The project addresses creative media groups and school classes from NRW and Israel, who would like to tell children, teenagers and young adults from the other country about their lives. Interested groups can take part in the module one and two. The trip to Israel is not open as it is already under construction by a media institution in NRW and the Rutenberg Institute.

Which topics can be selected?  

Possible themes can be:

  • School
  • Experiences of everyday life
  • Customs
  • Free time activities
  • Public holidays and feasts
  • (Politics in) everyday life

Where to get support?

The participants are supported by cultural and educational institutions, companies and establishments. Help is provided with regard to:

  • Translation of the contributed messages (subtitles, lettering of slides or notes that can be integrated in the contribution, etc.)
  • Technical implementation (video and computer)
  • Technical supply (cameras, computers, etc.)

What does the time schedule look like?

  • The project runs till the end of May 2009.
  • School classes can register to the project office by now by phone, per eMail and per fax.
  • The project office provides - if necessary - an exchange group and helps to come to an understanding about the type of virtual dialogue. The contributions for the intercultural exchange are accepted from now to May 2007.
  • All virtual dialogues and contributions are published on the project website www.beiuns-beieuch.de/israel. 
  • More information is available at the project office.

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